A Local Favorite- The Carolina Crisp Peanut Bar

Lee Swinson, owner of Golden Grove Candy Company, has found his niche in the business with the success of the Carolina Crisp Peanut Bar. For over 30 years, this local treat has been in production, satisfying the cravings of North Carolinians state-wide. The bar is made with just enough corn syrup, sugar, and salt to hold together the paramount ingredient- double roasted Carolina/Virginia-style peanuts. The double roasting process is what gives the peanut bar its rich flavor.

The Golden Grove Candy Company is based out of Warsaw, North Carolina and distributes their product to area stores such as Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, Kerr Drugs, IGA, and Handy Mart. The company is unique to the business in that they control every aspect of production. From planting, raising, harvesting, storing, roasting, packaging, and shipping, Golden Grove can ensure high quality control.

For more information on Golden Grove Candy Company and the Carolina Crisp Peanut Bar, visit www.goldengrove.com.

Golden Grove Candy Company

364 West Park Drive

Warsaw, NC